What Our Patients Say About Sandstone Chiropractic

If you’re not one of the many people who consult our clinic from a referral, it can be helpful to hear what other patients say about their experience in our practice.

I have to say it has been a super experience to be a patient of this excellent staff. I have never seen a Doctor who truly cares for her patients. Thank you for showing me that their still Doctors out there that can make a difference with healthcare.

Darlene M.

From the moment I stepped in the office and was greeted by a staff member, I felt as if I came home to a happy, loving family, and I knew that they will do anything they can to help me. And that care and attention did not stop at the door. Every step of the visit, from collecting neurological data to receiving some treatments was professional and performed with so much care and cheerfulness. I knew I was in the right place.

Irene M.

Awesome experience at Sandstone. Dr. LIndsey, Hannah, Dawn and Helen are the best! Dr. Lindsey was very thorough in explaining everything and she said she could help with my lower back pain without needing surgery (ortho doc said I would need surgery)! I’ve seen her 11 times now since January and I’m feeling better….not there yet, but I know these things take time. I’m always greeted with a smile and a hello by the front desk when I walk in. Everyone there is so friendly and makes you feel welcome. I’m a believer in chiropractic care and will always be a patient of Dr. Lindsey!

Leah L.

We love Sandstone and Dr. Lindsey! She made my 13 year old daughter feel completely comfortable and listened to all our concerns. The treatment plan was clear and concise, and everything was discussed with us each step of the way. I’m so glad I chose Sandstone Chiropractic for treatment of my daughter’s injury.

Jamie H.

After only having 4 adjustments, I have noticed that my body is responding very quickly. I feel so much better. Being as active as I am, I never took the time to notice just how “unaligned” I was.
Now the healing and adjusting process has began, I can see large improvements in such a short amount of time. I really appreciate Dr. Kaufman for explaining what my problem is and how it will be fixed.

Courtney A.

I am so pleased with everything at Sandstone! From Dr. Lindsey’s care to the care and helpfulness of the staff, everything is so professional. I’ve been to other places before but I have definitely found the place to go!

Chelsea M.

Great facility and great staff!

Terri S.

Best experience in a doctors office ever.

Greg S.

Awesome staff and facility!

Ronny C.

Thank you all so much for the excellent care I’ve received and will continue to receive. My thanks again.

Patricia C.

Great first impression! Very friendly staff! Super excited to see the results of our first visit.

David B.

Doctor explained what she was going to do and took time to ask where my problem areas were and addressed them. Gave me stretch exercises to help me at home. Was very satisfied with my first visit.

Roy D.

I’m looking forward to a healthier life with the help of SandStone Chiropractic.

Deborah A.

Had heard a lot of good things about Sandstone. They proved to be true.

Spanky G.

Great docs and staff plus high quality equipment. Joy to be there!

Brent M.

This was my 1st ever visit to a chiropractor in my life and I was very impressed by the quality of care and service.

Kaleb C.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful, they answered any questions I had. I felt very comfortable and at ease, the atmosphere is calming and relaxing. I was very impressed.

Judy D.

We love Dr. Lindsay and her staff. They are incredibly helpful and courteous.

Lora G.

I appreciate the staff thoroughness and promptness.

Joanne M.

Dr. Lindsey is wonderful! She is extremely patient and loving.

Laney G.

Best treatment I have gotten from anyone related to the medical profession in years. Highly recommended to anyone needing chiropractic services.

Howard S.

What a great staff you have. From their up beat and friendly attitudes to the good music playing in the office. I can’t say enough good things and I’ve only been in twice. 5 stars and two thumbs up! Keep up the great work!

Shane A.

I am actually looking forward to each visit. I wake up in the morning feeling better rested and physically relaxed and pain free than I have in years! Thanks so much to Dr. Lindsey and the staff at Sandstone

Pamela W.

Dr. Tony and the staff, without exception, show a real concern for their patients current situation. The evaluation is as thorough as I’ve ever had performed. The evaluation that is performed gives Dr. Tony the information needed to formulate the very best method and series of treatment to customize your own personal recovery. I look forward to and have complete confidence that Dr. Tony will have a 100% successful rate in my personal recovery.

Mark L.

taylorOutstanding facility! I was very impressed with the overall feel of the practice – very organized, efficient, accommodating, and sporting the latest high tech spinal diagnosis equipment. Very clean, peaceful and the care was superb.
Dr. Lindsey is phenomenal and at the top of her game. She was able to get full adjustment on my spine, and working in the oil field, my muscles are usually very tight, making it difficult for others to obtain the results Dr. Lindsey was able to achieve on the very first visit (after a minor back surgery to boot).
No gimmicks, only superior care with a standard of excellence. Highly professional staff. I recommend her practice with enthusiasm to anyone who wants an experienced, knowledgeable and 1st class doctor of chiropractic. She is even certified as a pediatric chiropractor, so when I saw her work on an infant, I knew my visit was going to be well worth it!

Taylor B.

Everyone was knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Lindsey was wonderful! She was clear and helped educate me about my own body. I will definitely be a returning client!

Martha B.

I was very pleased with the care and results that my daughter received, so I had no hesitation when it came to my needing your services. After my first treatment, I am already feeling improvement and look forward to a full recovery with the assistance of your expertise.

Diane W.

The staff and office gave me hope, and I had a safe and secure “feeling”. With out these important “feelings” or insight, one can not get better! Please consider the Sandstone family first.

Debra C.

Just happen to be here for a few months and was in need of a chiropractic office for adjustments while out of town. Great staff and chiropractors a beautiful office which sells supplements in addition to a number of different therapies!

Anne F.

I love Sandstone and I feel like the staff listens and helps out in any way they can.

Megan C.

Everyone in the office is professional, so nice and helpful and respectful to my Dad. We both truly appreciate how much time everyone took to explain the options to help him. Thank you all so much!

Jacob R.

I think Dr. Thomas is very good, she listened to everything I had to say. She is very thorough in her exams and her explanations and I am very hopeful that she can help me. I will definitely be coming back for a long time.
Dr. Thomas is very knowledgeable and caring. Hannah does a great job as as receptionist, and helping with other treatments. I have been helped greatly from the treatments I have received.

Kay R.

All of you there are great and I am so fortunate that I decided to give you a try. Not only are you all nice but very helpful and professional. I noticed that your practice is run extremely efficient and I never have to wait. Thank you so much.

Cathy E.

I am so impressed with not only Dr. Tony DeRamus but his entire staff. From the treatment success already taking place to the welcome positive environment to the team members that in my opinion are top notch, I would highly recommend SandStone Chiropractic to any individual that is looking for help.

Lea H.

I have only good impressions of SandStone Chiropractic.

Barbarah G.

I am very impressed with the level of care and caring shown by all. If you are considering chiropractic care, you can’t go wrong with Sandstone.

Ken R.

Very friendly and helpful. I felt comfortable and will be back.

James L.

Looking forward to working with Sandstone on my physical and health improvements. I can tell from my visit today, I am going to be in good hands.

Jacqueline E.

Never felt better about chiropractic. Nice people period.

David F.

I’ve been super impressed and look forward to working with both Dr. Lindsey and Hannah on my treatment.

Jeff C.

You all run an outstanding chiropractic office. The office staff are amazing and Dr. Tony and Shanna are very knowledgeable and caring. I look forward to you helping me through my pregnancy and beyond!

Susan W.

Thank you for great attention to detail and explanation of diagnosis.

Amanda R.

I want to thank every single one of you at the office. I was in the Houston area due to my husbands brain injury accident that happened on spring break and were flown to Texas for surgery and rehab. I am actually from Iowa and was in desperate need of a chiropractic adjustment from all of the stress I was under with my husband. We were told about this office and quickly made a call. Everyone was very understanding and willing to have me come in the next day. They treated me as if I was from the area and helped me so much. I can’t thank them enough for their wonderful care. I wish they would move to Iowa by me so I could continue to go to them.

Renee P.

Experienced dramatic improvement, not overnight, but within hours! Very excited!

Katey W.

Love Dr. Lindsey Thomas. She is so gentle and patient with my 1 month old.

Josephine S.

Very grateful for exceptional treatment! The doctors are professional and approachable. The staff is friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to recommend Sandstone Chiropractic to anyone who is seeking help to regain their quality of life, I would rate Sandstone exemplary !

Kim H.

Our experience was wonderful! We love going there to see Dr. Lindsey.

Amy H.

First rate experience. I was a bit worried and skeptical coming into a chiropractor for the very first time but the staff at Sandstone made me comfortable immediately. All the staff I interacted with were extremely friendly and just as knowledgeable on the testing and procedures that were being conducted. I’ve just started my treatments but am very happy to have found such a great office. Thanks.

Steven K.

My visit today left me feeling 100% confident that I will quickly be restored to health by a very professional and friendly team.

Bob L.

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