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Virginia Rodriguez Perlando – Integrative Health Coach

Virginia is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Her passion is to help men and women become healthier and happier through pure food and awesome lifestyle in order to gain energy, make appropriate food choices, integrate simple healthy habits, and feel the best they have ever been. 

Virginia has been involved in health, sports and wellness her whole life.

She was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Since her family business was sports clubs and camps, she grew up in a gym! Virginia worked in the business until she started her own career working for some of the most relevant multinationals (Hewlett- Packard & BT amongst others) and start-ups , but always remained interested and involved in the wellness field. She earned her BA from Universidad Complutense and MBA from London Business School.

Over the years, Virginia has had the chance to live in some of the most vibrant cities (Madrid, Paris, London, New York, Houston) and she has experienced the health challenges derived from moving around and changing personal settings. However, every single time she faced an obstacle she went back to basics: healthy diet and lifestyle.

After 8 years living in New York (Virginia is now based in Houston, Texas), she decided to take her lifelong passion for health to the next level and enrolled at IIN. Soon after, she decided to spend the rest of her life helping people achieve their health goals, so she founded Colorá- Health Coaching. Virginia noted that she, “thought {she} already knew a lot about healthy living, but IIN gave {her} not only cutting edge knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle management, but also the tools to serve people in a loving and unique way.

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